Don Fick

Don’s career in publishing and e-business development has grown from a lifelong interest in the publishing process. His early work in print included editorial production and display advertising. With the emergence of the Internet in popular culture, Don adapted his experience to the emerging medium, launching his first commercial website in 1995.

As Director of Electronic Publishing Services at the Nature Publishing Group, Don provided the team leadership and strategic planning for over 60 academic journal websites including the first online publication of the human genome. Don has also directed e-commerce and online marketing for Dow Jones Newswires, Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, and the American Management Association.

Don launched Semetric Media in 2007 with a focus on content management, search marketing and web analytics. Clients include international organizations such as the UN's World Health Organization, Science magazine and industry leaders in finance, energy and social services.

Don lives with his wife and three sons in North Carolina's Research Triangle.